Vinh Du – Orchid Judge (Student)

Vinh Du first joined the GNTOS in the Spring of 2017 in an attempt to further broaden her orchid knowledge. She was finally accepted to the judging program in June 2017 and is currently an active student judge of the Dallas Judging Center.

She is a night shift ICU nurse with a passion of orchid growing since she was 12. Her very first orchid she encountered which she recalled vividly was the distinctive Arachnis Maggie Oei at her grandfather’s garden, and that was an instantaneous love-at-first-sight moment.

After studying orchid growing books from her grandfather and acquiring her very first orchid Dendrobium crumenatum, the hobby has turned into lifelong. Along the way, she has killed many orchids has and experimented with different ways of growing orchids including water culture, semi hydroponic, glass vase culture, vivarium, etc…. After several relocations and giving up plants to others, she is currently rebuilding her collections of orchids again with approximated 100 orchids growing currently in all the possible windows she could fit them into. She is hoping to be a proud owner of a greenhouse full of beautiful orchids in the future. Her favorite orchids are fragrant orchids, and lady slippers of all types!

Her recent growing interest is orchid photography, and she is a regular poster of orchid photos at the GNTOS/DJC monthly meetings. She is currently working hard on controlling her excitement when seeing beautiful orchids!