September 2017 Meeting

September 2017 Meeting – Conservation: Rethinking our Planet

Throughout the world various environmental organizations are doing work that is both admirable and heroic. They are all attempting to protect plant and animal species by preserving critically endangered habits. But are these efforts enough? What are the challenges we have yet to overcome?
Charles Hess has been raising orchids since the 1980’s after discovering the beauty of the many Philippine orchid species during a five-year work assignment with Texas Instruments in Baguio City, Luzon. After retiring from TI in 1999, he pursued his artistic interests through the drawing of orchids from his imported collection.
He has produced over 50 watercolors of favorite orchids in his collection. To capture the essence of an orchid in a painting requires the artist examine the subject very closely, from all angles, and for extended periods.
This process led to an even deeper appreciation of the breathtaking beauty and seemingly endless variety to be found in the orchid world. In addition, completing Master Naturalist training led to an understanding of the fragile state of many environments where orchids are naturally found.
For this reason, all his efforts today are devoted to conservation by raising funds through sales of his limited edition orchid prints. All proceeds go to support Rainforest Trust, Orchid Conservation Alliance, and the North American Orchid Conservation Center at the Smithsonian.