January 8 meeting Plant Pests & Diseases

Please note that we are meeting the 2nd Sunday of January and our meeting time will be at 12 noon! Orchids 101 will meet in the greenhouse at 11:30am. Northaven Gardens will be closed Sunday, January 1, so we cannot meet that day. (The newsletter says we’re meeting at 2:30pm on the 8th in the opening article – that is not correct. If you come then, we’ll be closing down so the next group can meet at 3:00.)

Dotty Woodson of Fort Worth will be presenting a program on insect and disease control for our January meeting. Dottie has been growing and hybridizing orchids with her husband since 1973. They have 5,000 square feet of greenhouses and have registered 64 hybrids and have won many national AOS awards. Dotty retired recently from Texas A&M AgriLife Research and Extension Center as an Extension Program Specialist. We will be having our usual raffle, along with the members’ judging table. See you on January 8th!

Orchids 101 at 11:30am will be led by Lorna, who’ll be talking about growing paphiopedilums and phragmipediums (slipper orchids).