March 3 Nursing Sick Orchids

Emily Quinn will lead our meeting in March with a workshop on caring for, and hopefully curing, sick plants. Orchids will be brought in to examine and identify the problem, whether bugs or care issues. We will have examples of products to use as treatments. We’ll also have a slide show which will illustrate other problems and solutions. Emily is an accredited AOS orchid judge and the Training Coordinator for the Dallas Judging Center. She enjoys most orchids but has a special place in her heart for bulbophyllums and other oddball orchids. After the talk, we’ll have our usual member plant judging and raffle. Come join us and get tips on keeping your orchids healthy!

Orchids 101 will be in the greenhouse at 2pm with Lorna talking about general repotting for orchids (topic changed from summering orchids outside).

NOTE: Our Spring Orchid Show and Sale will be April 13-14, with setup on Friday, April 12. Location is Texas A&M’s Water & Land Resources Bldg. at 17360 Coit Road, in Dallas. Watch for more details!