NO January meeting!

We will not be having our normal GNTOS meeting on January 2nd.

You probably already know the reason. On New Year’s Eve there are always a few orchids that take it tooooo far and nobody wants to deal with them so soon after. Most orchids are fine but some, usually the ones with AOS awards, just don’t know when to stop. They are all acting superior, and all “look at me, I got an award and you didn’t, and then it just gets crazy. Next thing you know one of them unlocks the fertilizer cabinet and they break out the high nitrogen stuff and they all overindulge. But when you check on them the next day they are just sitting there. Quiet. Too quiet. But you know what they did. And they know you know. You can almost hear the snickering. And don’t even try to ask which one is responsible because they won’t ever point a leaf at each other. But I don’t need to tell you. You’ve got orchids and I’m sure this happens to you as well. Anyway, no meeting on an 2nd. Some orchids just have to spoil it for the rest of us.

(Thanks to David who put this in our monthly newsletter! 🙂 )