October 6 Monthly Meeting

Having some trouble with pesky pests on your orchids? On Sunday, Oct. 6, Dotty Woodson of Fort Worth will be speaking on “Orchid Pests/Diseases in Texas, and Their Treatment/Prevention” at 2:30pm. Dottie has been growing and hybridizing orchids with her husband since 1973.  They have 5,000 square feet of greenhouses and have registered 64 hybrids and have won many national AOS awards.  Dotty retired recently from Texas A&M AgriLife Research and Extension Center as an Extension Program Specialist. She may have some solutions for your pest problems! We will have our usual table judging for members and a raffle open to all.

Orchids 101 will precede the meeting at 2pm in the greenhouse. Kathi will be leading the discussion.