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October 2017 Meeting



Jim lives in Sherman with his wife, Barbara. He has been growing orchids for 50 years (+/-) in California , Louisiana, Florida, Mississippi, Virginia, and of course, Texas.

He is a 45-year member of the American Orchid Society, and an accredited judge. He grows in greenhouses, and outside in the summer.

His collection contains a wide variety of genera, but heavy on the cattleya and dendrobium side. He grows many cymbidiums, some of which actually bloom.

He is three-times retired, and now works at Lowe’s garden center, to keep him off the streets and out of
honky-tonks. It also helps fund his orchid addiction.

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2017-10-05 22_08_29-2017-10 October Newsletter.pdf - Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

October 2017 Plant Table Results

Sept. 3, 2017, Plant Table Judging Results
Judges: Barbara McNamee & Lorna Kissling

Blue – San Damiano ‘Halona’ AM/AOS– Kathi McKenzie
Red – C. bowringiana – Judy Cook
White – Ctna. Jamaica Red – Dave Gould

(10 entries)
Blue – Max. achrolenca – Kathy Halverson
Red – Dendrochilum magnum – Judy Cook
White – Cym. Golden Elf – Karl Varian

ONCIDIUMS (7 entries)
Blue – Onc. Midnight ‘Ebony & Ivory’ – Ashley Nguyen
Red – Vuyl. Melissa Brianne ‘Dark’ – Linda Horton
White – Bnfd. Gilded Tower ‘Mystic Maze’ – Ashley Nguyen

PAPHS & PHRAGS (3 entries)
Blue – Phrag. Sedenii – Linda Horton
Red – Paph. Psyche – Judy Cook
White – unknown (Ksinying Citron x fairieanum) – Judy Cook

VANDAS & PHALS (4 entries)
Blue – unknown Vanda hybrid– George Bogard
Red – V. christensoniana vietnamica – Dave Gould
White – V. Vara Korn x merrilli ‘Carmela’ – Kathy McKenzie

Max. achrolenca – Kathy Halverson
Dendrochilum magnum – Judy Cook
V. christensoniana vietnamica – Dave Gould]

San Damiano ‘Halona’ AM/AOS – Kathi McKenzie

39 total plants and weren’t they beautiful?