September 3 meeting – AOS Greenhouse Chat!

Our next meeting will be an informal Greenhouse Chat. Bring questions you may have – come to listen and learn! We’ll have our usual table judging for members and a raffle.

Orchids 101 will be in the classroom if the greenhouse is too hot. Lorna will be leading the discussion on how orchids receive their names, followed by a general Q&A.

Remember to plan ahead for our 2nd auction for this year, the first Sunday in December! Be looking over your orchids for possible donations, as we depend on you all to help provide the orchids we will be auctioning. The funds brought in help us pay for the annual Show and Sale in the Spring, as well as other things. We appreciate your help!

August 6 meeting – Orchids of Peru

Perú is considered one of the most biodiverse countries and harbors approximately 10% of the world’s orchid species. César Ushima will be reviewing some of the most important and lesser known native orchids from Perú. He was born and raised in Perú and has been growing orchids since an early age. He worked in the Peruvian National Park Administration, where he had the opportunity to see orchids in their natural habitat. César is currently an Associate Orchid Judge for the American Orchid Society (AOS). Join us as we learn more about these Peruvian beauties! We will have our usual member table judging and raffle.

Orchids 101 will begin at 2pm in the greenhouse with Lorna leading the discussion “Bugged by Bugs?” If it’s too hot in the greenhouse, meet us in the classroom. We’ll find a corner to talk!