DJC Positions and Roster

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Advisory Positions   Judges Roster
Chair: Judy Cook
Vice-Chair: Linda Horton
Secretary: Nancy Cropp
Treasurer: Timothy Carr
Librarian: David Hines
Training: Emily Quinn
Plants by Mail: Emily Quinn
Photographers: David Gould, Cecil Coale, Judy Cook, Manuel Aybar,
Webmaster: Manuel Aybar
Accredited Emeritus Associate
Manuel Aybar
Judy Cook
Linda Horton
Daniel Callahan
Meir Moses
Emily Quinn
Jim Williams
Jerry Brandenburg
Ronnie Brandenburg

Tim Carr
Jim Diffily
Barbara McNamee
Karl Varian

Senior Student

Lee Gunlach
Clair Ossian

George Bogard
Vee Du
Connie Koehler
Cesar Uchima

Glenda McIntosh
Tom McIntosh
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