January 6 Monthly Meeting

Our first program of the new year will be on “Laelia anceps”, presented by Society member and American Orchid Society Associate Judge Tim Carr. Tim moved to Texas 26 years ago and has retired from the Dept. of Defense after 34 years. He has been growing orchids for only the last seven years, now growing in a greenhouse since spring of 2017. He will be serving the Society as Vice-President for 2019.

Laelia anceps, a native of Mexico, is one of the most common, yet one of the most satisfying orchids to grow, being very cold hardy as well.  It’s ease of care makes it an ideal plant for the beginner as well as the expert. Come at 2:30pm to hear from Tim how to grow and enjoy this beautiful species!

Orchids 101 will be in the greenhouse at 2pm.  Kathi will be leading the discussion.

December 2 Monthly Mtg

This is the time of year to look over your orchids and figure out if there’s some you want to clear away to make room for new ones!  Our semi-annual orchid auction is coming and it’s lots of fun!  Clean up and bring any orchids you’d like to replace, then prepare to bid!  Funds raised help pay for our Spring Orchid Show on March 8-9, 2019.

Also, plan on bringing some food to share – we enjoy a meal together before the auction begins.  So bring some food, bring some orchids, and bring some cash!

Because of the auction, there is no raffle, table judging, or Orchids 101.