January 7 Orchid Show Plant Prep

Our first program for 2024 will be about preparing your orchids (and yourself!) for the upcoming April show. Emily Quinn, an AOS Judge and member of GNTOS, will be speaking to us about grooming your orchids to make them look their best, and things you should not do to your plants. Everyone who plans on bringing orchids should try to have a listing of the plants you think you will put in the show and what class you think they are in. If in doubt, bring to the meeting either the plant or a picture of it. Remember, if it is not in the right class, it might not get judged, and the registration committee will not have time to check on each plant as it is getting registered. After the program, we will have our usual member plant judging and raffle. Join us!

Orchids 101 will be in the greenhouse. Lorna will be talking about pest control.