The Greater North Texas Orchid Society (GNTOS) is dedicated to the culture, protection,and appreciation of orchids all over the world.  GNTOS brings together people interested in the culture and propagation of orchids, and also serves an educational function in disseminating information about orchids to the public.

We have regular monthly meetings (the first Sunday of every month) in which a featured speaker talks about an orchid topic (Genera, culture, etc); Orchids 101 for beginners, as well as plant show and tell and plant raffles.  Our meetings are located  at North Haven Gardens, 7700 Northaven Rd., Dallas, TX 75230.  More details and a map are located here.

Whether you are an expert grower or just got your first orchid, we welcome all to visit  our monthly meetings and events!


April 2014 MEETING

The icy weather on the Sunday of our last meeting prevented our ability to learn more about AOS judging - perhaps the program will be re-scheduled for another month.

Our April program, for Sunday the 6th, will be led by Greg Allikas, a well-known orchid photographer whose work appears regularly in the AOS magazine, Orchids.  His program is entitled "The 25 Best Orchids I Have Seen in the Past 3 Years".  He is the awards photographer for the AOS Judging Centers in West Palm Beach and Florida-Caribbean in Miami and recently co-authored the book "Four Seasons of Orchids".

If you would like a little extra "orchid talk", come at 2:30 to the NHG greenhouse. The short talk will focus on summering orchids outside, with time for questions.


Spring Orchid Show Postponed

Our spring show planned for this April has been postponed until April 2015.  Houston chose the same weekend as we had, and since they were further ahead in their plans, we decided to move ours to next year.  Later this summer, you can find more details here about our coming show.  If you can, visit Houston sometime during the weekend of April 12-13 and enjoy their event!

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