February 6 Meeting at Northaven! (via Zoom and in-person)

For our February meeting, we get to return to our old stomping grounds, Northaven Gardens! Yes, they’ve finally rebuilt (and rebuilt) all the damage from the tornados, and are ready to host our orchid meetings again. Specific directions are below. They would like us to enter from the west parking lot.

Our first program for 2022 will be “Demystifying New Zealand Moss Growing” given by Carri Raven-Rienmann, OrchiPhile owner, AOS judge, and founding member of the International Phalaenopsis Alliance (IPA). Here is her description of her presentation:
“With so many orchids being sold these days potted in New Zealand Moss, many growers find it a major challenge to deal with as relates specifically to watering & potting. Thanks to many years of visiting Taiwan, & the Taiwan growers’ generous sharing of information, I’ve come to appreciate its amazing benefits over bark or other mixes, something I would have never imagined many years ago when we all first started working with moss. I’ve been surprised at how well it functions for almost all genera, from Phalaenopsis to those you wouldn’t suspect like Cattleyas, Oncidinae & Dendrobiums. In this presentation, I’ll cover the important basics of growing successfully in moss, from the quality of the moss to potting, watering & fertilizing, ending with a great instructional video made by a friend in Taiwan demonstrating potting and mounting your orchids properly using this medium.”

Our program this time will be via Zoom and in-person. Look for the link here before Feb.6!

Orchids 101 is back! Charlie will lead the discussion at 2pm. 101 will take place in the new greenhouse.

DIRECTIONS for getting to Northaven Gardens Classroom:
As before, please park in the west lot. Use the west entrance to the Gardens. We will meet in the Classroom behind the Cafe.
ALL PEOPLE WITH CARTS and people bringing plants, etc. must enter through the “Classroom rear entrance” – DO NOT take things through the Cafe. When coming in from the west lot, turn right past the greenhouse and follow the path all the way to the back of the greenhouse, then turn left and go to the back of the building w/ the Cafe. Enter the classroom through the back door. If you aren’t bringing anything beyond yourself, you can come through the Cafe to the Classroom.

NO January meeting!

We will not be having our normal GNTOS meeting on January 2nd.

You probably already know the reason. On New Year’s Eve there are always a few orchids that take it tooooo far and nobody wants to deal with them so soon after. Most orchids are fine but some, usually the ones with AOS awards, just don’t know when to stop. They are all acting superior, and all “look at me, I got an award and you didn’t, and then it just gets crazy. Next thing you know one of them unlocks the fertilizer cabinet and they break out the high nitrogen stuff and they all overindulge. But when you check on them the next day they are just sitting there. Quiet. Too quiet. But you know what they did. And they know you know. You can almost hear the snickering. And don’t even try to ask which one is responsible because they won’t ever point a leaf at each other. But I don’t need to tell you. You’ve got orchids and I’m sure this happens to you as well. Anyway, no meeting on an 2nd. Some orchids just have to spoil it for the rest of us.

(Thanks to David who put this in our monthly newsletter! 🙂 )