Orchid Society Members: Can You Help?

Thursday, Feb. 15, 2018 at the Magnolia Hotel Dallas Park Cities

We have been given a great opportunity to highlight orchids and our society.  Manny received a very special request from Art Chadwick

“I was wondering if any orchid society members in the Dallas area have some large flowered Cattleyas in bloom that we could borrow for a photoshoot with Laura Bush on Thursday. The event will be written up later this year in Orchids magazine.
We could use up to a dozen plants – any color.
The event is from 3 to 5pm and they could be dropped off at the Magnolia Hotel in Park Cities by noon.
Thanks for your consideration!”    Art Chadwick   Chadwick & Son Orchids    Powhatan, VA


  • They are able to use about 6 orchids – they are are looking for large flowers, multiple blooms, any color.
  • Remember to groom plants as if they were going to a show
  • Have the plant name and  your name marked in the pot or on the base somewhere
  • You should use nice/decorative pots
  • Drop off time Thursday is between 10am and Noon
  • Leave them at the Concierge desk with Anna – she will have a special place to keep the orchids
  • Pickup time is after 8pm
They want six plants, but we don’t know how many will be available.
So, if you have a suitable plant, bring it! 

February 4 Meeting

The program will be “Growing Paphiopedilum with Phalaenopsis”, presented by orchid enthusiast Peter Lin of Big Leaf Orchids, in Southlake, TX.  We will look at the similarities and challenges of growing both Paphiopedilum and Phalaenopsis in the same environment and also look at which Paphiopedilum do better in North Texas. Peter has been growing orchids for over 30 years, beginning in Taiwan at the age of 10. After working in the IT industry for 12 years, he expanded his collection, began hybridizing, and established a family owned mail-order operation. Big Leaf Orchids specializes in Phalaenopsis with emphasis on novelties, including flowers that are fragrant, waxy and multi-colored.  Peter will be bringing orchids to sell, so bring some mad money!

Orchids 101 will have Lorna leading at 2pm – the topic will be on recording and organizing your orchid collection.