Sept. 2 Monthly Meeting

The September program on “Growing Bulbophyllum Orchids in North Texas” will be presented by Dr. Judy Cook of Gunter, TX.  She has been a member of the Society since 2005, an accredited American Orchid Society Judge since 2002, and growing orchids for over 30 years, currently growing in her 2100 square foot greenhouse.  Bulbos are known for their “dirty socks” scent and look very different from other orchids.  Come and learn how to grow them!

Orchids 101 begins at 2pm in the greenhouse – Lorna will be talking about mini orchids and bringing orchids back inside in the Fall.

August 5 Monthly Meeting

The Aug. 5 program on “Growing Novelty Phals” (phalaenopsis) will be presented by Peter Lin of Big Leaf Orchids, Southlake, TX. Peter has been growing orchids for over 30 years, beginning in Taiwan at the age of 10. After working in the IT industry for 12 years, he expanded his collection, began hybridizing and established a family owned mail-order operation. Big Leaf Orchids specializes in Phalaenopsis with emphasis on novelties, including flowers that are fragrant, waxy and multi-colored.
Peter will be bringing orchids to sell so prepare to add to your collection!

Orchids 101 will be led by Kathi in the greenhouse at 2pm before the main metting.