July 11 meeting – AUCTION!

We will be having our 1st auction of 2021 next month! These are fun events and great fundraisers for GNTOS to help pay for our annual show and sale each Spring. The next auction will be in December. Auctions depend on people donating orchids as part of the fundraising effort. So look through your orchids and pull out duplicates, extra divisions, etc. and bring them Sunday, July 11, along with some food to share. Then come prepared to add some new orchids for your collection!

We have a couple of options for the meeting location – it may be at the Garland Senior Center again, but we will keep you updated on specifically where it will be so keep checking this site to see where we will meet. So… check over your orchid collection this month for orchids to bring and plan what kind of food you’d like to share for a great time in July!